Auto abs speed sensor shielding stainless steel stretch pipe thin wall tube

stainless steel stretch pipe thin wall tube

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abs speed sensor shielding

Stretch pipe

read before order

  1. Provide the product drawings that need to be processed
  2. Inform important control size
  3. Product material 、Hardness requirement、Luminance requirement、concentricity requirement and so on

Product parameters

Parts name : Stretch pipe
Material: SUS316 Stainless steel
Length processing range: any
Diameter: 3.0-60.0mm
Length accuracy: ± 0.05mm
Outer diameter accuracy: ± 0.01mm
Roundness: ≦ 0.5μm
Surface finish: ≤0.2
Chamfer: R
Surface treatment: polishing

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STFF was founded in 2005,Located in the Wenzhou,Zhejiang Province,China and had been focused on the R&D,production and sales of micro motor shafts.We have complete production equipments, the most accurate testing equipments and sewage treatment equipment,all production processes are completed in our factory.

In 2008, the company introduced more than a dozen CNC machines,Through ten years of practice, fumble, and the original motor shaft production line, for all kinds of high precision turning parts laid the foundation

Our products are used in mobile vibration motors,smart wearable devices,unmanned aerial vehicles,precision medical equipment, robots,household and office appliances, automotive motors and other fields.

Based on 13 years of experience in micro shaft production, STFF had provided the most professional production and solutions for more than 100 domestic and overseas customers, including Samsung, LG, Emerson, Nidec and so on.STFF constantly improves the production process, and strive to become the world’s highest quality micro shafts manufacturer.

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1.We have a group of excellent production management team.They are young, thoughtful, energetic and knowledgeable,Escort your high-quality products。

2.We have a complete line of hardware processing equipment,no outside processing,so we can save 10-15% off existing manufacturing costs, giving our clients a highly competitive price without compromising the part integrity.

3.Because we are professional, our partners are excellent,Our products are produced to deliver the best QUALITY, SERVICE, PRICE, & DELIVERY in the industry. Our dedication to quality and service is one of our most valuable assets.

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