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Auto accessories refer to parts or components installed on the car, with different functions and roles.

Including but not limited to the following aspects: 1. Engine components: automobile engine is one of the most critical parts of the vehicle, its accessories include cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, crankshaft, valve, inlet, exhaust, etc. These components coordinate with each other, which is an important guarantee for efficient operation of automobile engine. 2. Brake components: the car needs to brake in time when driving, its main accessories include brake disc, brake disc, brake drum, brake and so on. They use friction to slow down or stop, to ensure the safety of the vehicle. 3. Suspension components: The suspension system includes shock absorbers, springs, suspension arms, etc., which can alleviate the vibration and turbulence of the car during driving, so as to improve the driving comfort and avoid vehicle damage. 4. Cooling system: It is easy for the engine to run at high temperature for a long time, so the cooling system is needed for heat dissipation. Main accessories include water tank, radiator, water pump, coolant and so on. 5. Ignition system: Automobile ignition system is the key parts that convert electric energy into electric spark and ignite gasoline engine, mainly including ignition coil, spark plug and so on. 6. Transmission system: Transmission system is the key part of the transmission of automobile power to the wheel, including transmission, transmission shaft, universal joint, differential, etc. In addition, there are electrical parts, lights, Windows, doors, wheels, seats, air conditioning, audio and other car accessories. These parts together support the normal operation of the vehicle to ensure the performance and safety of the vehicle.

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Metal processing factory Auto fuel pump accessories Choke sleeve

material : H59-1 copper process : turning machining external diameter : 3.0-20mm overall length : 5.0-100mm tolerance : ±0.005

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1. STFF have ample stock of raw materials.

2. STFF have a complete set of hardware processing line.

3. STFF have a technical team of 20 people and an operator of over 100 people.

4. STFF have a 10 young, excellent and dynamic management teams.

5. STFF have a workshop of 12,000 square meters.

6. STFF only 200 kilometers from the cargo port.

Integrated above factors,whether it is production speed or delivery speed, STFF must be the most advantageous.

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